Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Skate or Die"

"Skate or Die"... wasn't that an old skateboard video game? Whatever.

Well, last nights DISC Street Skate was again participated by only a few (I bet you knew that was coming...). Even though the participants were few, but we all had a great time like usual. We started off the skate a little differently this time. We headed out to the Capital Building and then over to skate by the "I see what you mean" big blue bear at the Denver Convention Center. Today, he was sporting a new set of shoes.

On the way over, we got accosted by an RTD bus. Usually, they leave us alone. Yesterday was an exception. The driver of the bus started honking (and I mean laying on the horn quite excessively) probably 50 yards before he even got close to us (speeding up the entire time).... then he well, got close to us (VERY close). There was absolutely no reason for this 'cause he had to come to almost a complete stop anyway to make a right hand turn. This was rude, dangerous, and totally uncalled for. Evidently, I wasn't the only one who thought this.... Berta decided to call RTD and file an official complaint (that's a story for another day).

We then decided to head out once again to find some food and libations. My Brother's Bar was the location of choice. Jeff of course got confused and thought my brother had a bar in Denver. The conversation went something like this:
Jeff: Where we going to eat?
Me: We're going to My Brother's Bar.
Jeff: Your brother has a bar???
What's the name of the place?
Me: No, the place is My Brother's Bar!
Jeff: Yeah, what is the name of his bar???
Me: No, my brother is a fuckin' lawyer!
The restaurants' name is My Brother's Bar.
When this place was mentioned, I though "oh yeah, that's place is good", but forgot that they didn't allow skaters in what-so-ever, until of course we got outside the establishment and I remembered. We tried anyway to no avail (these guys don't even have a website....what can I say...).

Berta noticed a pizza place just up the street so we headed over to Proto's Pizzeria Napoletana. This turned out to be a good stop, but kinda strange. The wait staff was extraordinary nice to us. Not that we don't deserve this kindness, but we had no less than 5 people at one time or another serve us in some form or fashion. The icing on the cake was "The Flair Guy" from Office Space who happened to be our "main" waiter. No, he wasn't donning the 37 pieces of flair, but tell me this guy isn't a spitting image of him.

We left to go back to the Park to go home via the Cherry Creek Trail. Total mileage, about 20 miles.


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