Monday, May 26, 2008

Vehicles are like socks.... or maybe not?!

Vehicles are like socks. They start out crisp and new, and you toss them when they get uncomfortable and ratty... at least I do - I also have a strange thing with socks, but that is another story entirely.

I've gotten rid of another vehicle (like that is any surprise). This time it was Boris' time to go. Boris was my 1993 Dodge W250 POS (yes, there was a POS model, and I had it). Boris came fully equipped with two burgundy mini-van seats, one locking door, a roof with my weight in rust, a leak in the windshield seal, a leaking steering box and pump, a leak in the front main seal large enough to crawl into, a dead spot in the steering wheel that'll make sure you get "white knuckles" from the wind when even a Geo tries to pass you, a shimmy that'll make you think your on the "Egg Scrambler" in Disney World, a transmission that had a mind of its own and would decide to shift into over drive when IT felt like it, and... I can't forget the exhaust... this thing sounded like a semi on steroids.

All-in-all... this was a great truck :-) It never left me stranded (well only once, but that was more my fault - and no I didn't run out of fuel). The good thing about Boris that I will miss... Boris was incorrectly titled as a Gas truck. Because of this he only had to get FTD tested (Fuel Transmitted Disease - ok so that wasn't funny) every 2 years (and with that funky RapidSCreen Roadside Emissions truck I drive by a few times a week it wasn't even that often). Oh well, I'll just have to get used to bending over ever year (and paying the $65+) to prove that running my biodiesel emits less harmful emissions than the truck did the day it drove off the showroom floor.

Now, I didn't just get rid of Boris without replacing him with something else... I did say that vehicles are like socks. When you retire a pair of socks you do get another pair... don't you? (I don't label my left and... never mind... so maybe they aren't like socks... but I am getting off track).

So, Boris was replaced with a 1995 Dodge 2500 (Cummins Diesel as well). I'm thinking of calling him Johnny 5 (from the theme song Who's Johnny from Short Circuit by El DeBarge) but haven't settled on it as of this writing. We'll refer to him as Johnny 5 in this posting for simplicity sake.

As I was saying, Johnny 5 is my "new" truck. Johnny 5 comes complete with 215,000 miles (yup, that's right folks '2' with '5' zeros (and some change of course), a rebuilt tranny sometime in the not so distant past, a set of tires that'll probably last a season or two, a tonneau cover in very decent shape, power seats, and a broken sun visor clasp (that hooked thingie where the visor sticks in place so it doesn't flop around and bang you in the head.... yeah, that thing... its busted).

The best thing... it is still Diesel, so I will be running on my Home Brew on the next tank.


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