Friday, May 30, 2008

Orange Juice, Milk, and Gasoline

I know, your thinking "What do these things have to do with the price of tea in China?" (I think I got that adage right - my father will correct me if I'm wrong, he always did like that one). Well, nothing really except they are all commodities - or at least OJ and Oil are. Milk must be one as well - even pork bellies are - why wouldn't milk be? I'll look into that later... on to the point (what little point there is).

OJ and Milk are both renewal resources and Oil as we all know... isn't. I don't hear people complaining about the price of a gallon of OJ (now pomegranate juice, that stuff is spendy). Granted, you don't fill up your tank with OJ or milk, but if you did, both would be even more expensive (look at what is happening with the price of corn around the world -- see I do have a point now and then). If it weren't for the government subsidies on E85....

I guess what I'm saying is, quit your griping, it is only going to get worse. Drive a motorcycle that gets 30+ miles to the gallon, take the bus, get a used Geo, or do the unthinkable... car-pool. I have no sympathy for those that complain and do nothing about it and continue to drive the expensive guzzling vehicles with no purpose. Drive what you want, but quit complaining. Or even better, do something about it.

It is kinda amusing that I couldn't give away biodiesel 2 years ago when I started making it... and now I have to beat people away with a stick. Ironic....

And if you are thinking I am a tree hugging, granola crunching, long haired hippie... you are severely mistaken (I did have long hair for a short while, but not any more (read: male pattern baldness -- thanks for the genes Mom). I just don't contribute to the watering hole complaining sessions at work about how bad life is and how I am not going to be able to feed myself, etc... now that gasoline is 'X' dollars a gallon.


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