Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Corny setup

I've almost got the Cornelius Keg setup completed. I purchased a Corney Keg from the local brew store (Brew at Home) along with an additional shank and faucet from a local liquor store (sorry, couldn't find a web site).

I dissembled some extra keg equipment to put a splitter on my regulator, drilled the holes in the keg-o-rater, and added the Corney Keg. I cleaned out the keg, filled it up with water and turned up the gas to make a batch of seltzer as a test (not to mention I drink seltzer, well you get the point). So we'll see if carbonating the water like this will do the trick before I waste all the ingredients for 5 gal of soda.

Next up... adding a Guinness tap (maybe).


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