Thursday, July 03, 2008

Denver Cruisers...take two

Last nights DISC skate wasn't as large as it usually is (well, we never really have too many people, but tonight was really small). Five of us headed downtown for the evening with plans to eat at Cafe Berlin, a place we hadn't hit up yet (at least not in my 5 years of skating with DISC). Our plans were also to see if we could find the Denver Cruisers again this week (since Eric and I had such a good time last Wednesday).

Well, it didn't exactly go like that. We lost Karen before getting to Cafe Berlin (when I say lost, I mean she decided to head back early), and Josiah headed home after we finished drinking (ah...I mean eating, yeah that's what were doing, eating). This left us with three (interesting how last week only three of us made it the entire night).

We did end up finding the Denver Cruisers. You'd think that it would be easier to find a group of 240+ people on bikes cruising the streets, but it isn't. Berta, Eric, and I found the group just as the firsts were arriving at The Wynkoop Brewing Co.. It wasn't difficult to identify them this week as the theme was "Blue Coats & Commies". The Wynkoop wasn't too keen on letting us skaters in, but there was fun to be had playing in the street with some of the bikers.

Then... it was to the "Circle of Death". This time, it was held in some sort of parking garage. Berta took a digger, but looks like she'll live to try it again. I have to say the Civic Center Amphitheater last week was a tad better. Between the Circle of Death and the Wynkoop, we met some good people (including the Blue Coat Sisters and Erica the Hummus girl). Lucas (Mr. Nipples) was also there to welcome back both me and Eric. Roller Doll Vinyl Trax also graced us with her presence in full uniform (minus the quads). Also there in the thick of the carnage was John (one of my neighbors near my High St. property)...what'd ya know.

From 'The Circle', we headed over to Alibi Dance Lounge where the bouncers had absolutely no qualms about letting us party inside with the rest of the bunch. The music was cool. Dancing with skates on is kinda tricky, but was fun. Everyone seemed to be interested in us skaters (ok, at least a few). This hot chick in black started talking to me about why I was skating in a bar...(so what if her friend pulled her away before I could really get an intelligent conversation going). Also, I am pretty sure I got propositioned. Seems as though 'gay' is a re-occurring theme with me lately... oh well.

Once again, had "more fun than a barrel of monkeys".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that shot was really boring. next wednesday, im gonna bring cash, and make eric buy me a beer. That is, if we find the cruisers again (we better). Oh yea, and with the show that you put on, on wednesday, i can voch and say as well, no you are not gay!.

Friday, August 01, 2008 2:06:00 AM  

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