Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Well, I did it again....

I just can't keep to one thing. I think just got myself another new hobby (at least for the time being). A few weeks ago a neighbor mentioned something about it being cool if they could make Root Beer. I had never really thought of making homemade soda, so I looked it up (oh...the joys of the internet).

So, I made myself a 2 liter batch of Root Beer. A few days later I brewed a batch of Cream Soda. The Root Beer I made with regular baking yeast (yeah, yeah...the brew store was closed). It tasted fine, but had a (well let me be honest), it smelled like puke (to me at least). Then, it was onto the Cream Soda experiment. With this batch I took it upon myself to be "liberal" with the ingredients. I used Champaign yeast obtained from Brew at Home right around the corner from me (lucky me). I also substituted some honey for some measure of sugar. The final product smelled MUCH better and tasted quite good, but not particularly like Cream Soda (I think I used a tad more honey than I should have).

I think I am going to purchase a Corney Keg and inject CO2 instead of the brew method next. At the very least I can make some seltzer (I am an avid drinker of plain old boring seltzer, and this could save me a bundle).

Just what I need another new hobby. This might just lead to beer brewing.....


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