Sunday, October 07, 2007

End of Season DISC Skate Party and more

Denver Inline Skate Club (DISC) End of Season Skate Party (10/6/2007)

The party was lots of fun. There weren't a boatload of people, but those who came I think had a really good time. Preston ended up bringing his entire liquor collection for all of us to experiment with. "When the rubber hit the road", Ken went on a quest to find some Vermouth for martini's (all over North Glenn). I still don't know exactly what Eric was talking about when he mentioned that "we have to wait until Linda gets back to hear the right inflection to the next part". Never did find out what the next part was....and Linda never did go anywhere. I have a feeling we aren't going find out. You really just had to have been there....

The skating was good (a tad windy), the food was great (chili, spinach dip, and all). There were no signs of fudge overdose. Nobody got hurt...too badly. Over all it was a very good time.

I vote to have more of these parties.

Thanks Linda for hosting.


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