Saturday, September 13, 2008

Denver Roller Dolls - Doin' it Again

Last night I went to my second Roller Derby; The Denver Roller Dolls - Mile High Club vs. The Minnesota Roller Girls - All Stars. The Mile High Club swept the All Stars quite nicely.

Eric and I hit the Cheeky Monk Belgian Beer Cafe for a few prior to the festivities (and I do mean festivities when it comes to the Roller Dolls). When I arrived at the Cafe to meet Eric, I found him sitting at the bar with no less than three of some of the finest beers in town in front of him. I sat down and he gracelessly handed me one of his beers for a taste.... All I have to say is "Ommegang was that a sour beer". Definitely a beer worth a taste or two. While Eric was finishing up another beer, I struck up a conversation with what seemed like a regular at the Cheeky Monk.

After our tasting frenzy, we left for the Fillmore Auditorium to secure our spot for the event. Once again we got the right hand corner; just behind the starting place for the Jammers. Just before the match Kon joined us again and a few minutes later my friend Bobby and his wife Courtney made an appearance. Interestingly enough, I also saw Brian (another friend of mine who I had also last seen there the previous match) with another friend Caroline (who I hadn't see n in quite some time). We were all a big happy family.

Vinyl Trax being in the pre-match exhibition and not play with the Mile High Club, stopped by to say hello and thank us for showing up just before the match began.

As the Dolls were whippn' some Minnesota skirt, I tended to make some noise (a loud whistle is appropriate in situations like these). Trish Forget (aka Lisa Remember) looked at me after a particular long and loud one and said "You sound like my mom". Now what was that supposed to mean?

Another oddity of the night was when Allyn (another girl having a good time out at the match with her friends) decided that "talking" to me was just as fun. What are you supposed to do when someone asks you to see their "augmented" breasts? Is there a polite way to answer? Needless to say they were very nice. Now, things progressed from there... Yeah, so..... she asked...... what was I supposed to do, say "No thank you Mam, I don't want to feel your augmented breasts". Bull shit! If anyone still thinks I'm gay, they can print out this post, roll it up, and stick it up their ass, thank you very much.

After the Derby, Eric and I decided to go to Benders Tavern for the After Party (not before hitting up Cheeky Monk again for a quick "good" beer).

The After Party was just about getting into the swing of things when we arrived. This time Eric and I went straight for the dance room where the fun was commencing. The Denver Roller Dolls along side the Minnesota Roller Girls cut it up like old friends (I just love how these girls can get along with ans socialize with the competition so easily -- makes it that much more fun to see this). After dancing out all of the beer, we departed before closing out the bar.

This was an unusual night for me. DRD events are always a blast and you never know what will happen.


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