Monday, January 01, 2007

Ta Ta Ford....

Finally, I was able to sell my 1992 Ford F250. I have had an extra ruck for quite some time which needed to go. Yesterday I sold it to a neighbor right before I was going to drive it down to Golden to make a trade (that probably wouldn't have been a good idea anyway).

I was going to trade the Ford for a Snap-On/Blue Point Plasma cutter and a YJ project of unknown condition. The cutter would have been very nice, but the last thing I need now is another project (I recently had 6 vehicles in my possession and have been lucky enough to have sold one a few days ago).

I didn't get the money I was looking for, but not having another project to deal with selling, knowing that I don't have to insure it, and having that extra money to do something else with is a relief.

Now to sell some more of my crap...


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